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October 24–25, 2017 | Angers, France

The Château d'Angers and its spectacular tapestry of the Apocalypse; the tallest château in the whole of France located at Brissac Quincé and a visit to la Maison de Loire en Anjou at Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire, where you can learn all about one of Europe’s greatest and most majestic rivers.


All photos are credited by Angers Loire Valley tourist offices


    Angers Castle in ANGERS

    Discover one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in France.

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    Maison d'Adam in ANGERS

    The 'Adam's House', also called 'Adam and Eve's House' or Tree of life House was built around 1500.

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Source and image :'Adam






    Apocalypse Tapestry in ANGERS

    Made of wool using the low-warp technique and reversible, the tapestry currently measures on average 103 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width.

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    Jean Lurçat and contemporary Tapestry museum in ANGERS

   The museum's collections bring together works of textile art from the 1950s to the contemporary creations.

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    David d'Angers gallery (Galerie David d'Angers) in ANGERS

   Since 1984, the restored abbey-church of All Saints (dating from the 13th Century) has housed the works of David d’Angers (1788-1856).

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    Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-arts) in ANGERS

   The museum offers two permanent exhibitions: the "Beaux-arts du XIVe au XXIe siècle" (fine art from the 14th - 21st Century, paintings and sculptures) and "Histoire d'Angers", (the history of Angers, archaeology and art objects from the Neolithic period to the present day).

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    Cathedral of Saint-Maurice in ANGERS

   The first building to present the characteristics of the Anjou Gothic style.

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    Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin in ANGERS

   A true landmark ….1600 years in the making!

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    Château de Brissac in BRISSAC-LOIRE-AUBANCE

    Standing higher than all other royal châteaux, Brissac deserves its nickname of “Giant of the Loire valley”.

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    Gardens and grounds of the Château de Brissac

    The gardens and grounds of the Château de Brissac offer some wonderful walks in the shade of hundred-year-old trees.

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    Caves du Château de Brissac in BRISSAC-LOIRE-AUBANCE

   Known as a 'giant' amongst châteaux, Brissac is the tallest in France!

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    The Plessis-Bourré Castle in ECUILLE

   Rising majestically from its wide moats, this fairy-tale castle, the setting for the film “Peau d'Ane”, is a masterpiece of airy, enduring harmony: that was how its builder designed it, and that is how is has remained for over 500 years.

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    Château du Plessis-Macé in LONGUENEE EN ANJOU

   Originally built in 13th Century, this black slate and shale fortification was transformed into a grand country home during the 15th Century.

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    Musée - Château de Villevêque in VILLEVEQUE

   A fortified castle built in the 12th Century; the site lost its defensive integrity in the mid-15th Century.

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About Angers

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• Population: 147 571 (City of Angers in 2010), 283 000 (Angers Loire Métropole urban area of 33 municipalities).
• 300 km from Paris, 90 km from Nantes, 110 km from Tours.
• Motorways: A11 Nantes-Paris, A85 Angers-Saumur, A87 Angers/Les Sables-d’Olonne 
• High-speed rail: 1hr30mins from Paris, 3hrs 40mins from Brussels, 4 hrs from Lyons, 5hrs 45 mins from Marseille.
• Angers Loire Airport: flights to London, Tunis, Palma and Nice.
• 24 city bus routes and 1 tramway