Full Program

November 17, 2022 (GMT, Lisbon Time Zone)

8.30-8.40- Welcome Message from the General Chairs and Technical Program Chairs

8.40-10.20- Session: Analysis of Measurement Data in IoT Technologies for Health

           Chairs: Prof. Susanna Spinsante, Dr. Grazia Iadarola

8.40-9.00- Automatic Wardrobe for Blind People

9.00-9.20- Hearth Rate evaluation by Smartphone: an overview

9.20-9.40- A Low-Cost Open-Source Bionic Hand Controller: Preliminary Results and Perspectives

9.20-9.40-Preliminary Study on Gender Identification by Electrocardiography Data

10.00-10.20- Exploiting Blood Volume Pulse and Skin Conductance for Driver Drowsiness Detection

10.20-10.30- Break

10.30-12.30- Session: IoT Applications in Research and Clinical Practice

                     Chairs: Dr. Alessia Paglialonga, Prof. Federico Tramarin

10.30-10.50- Multivariate Classification of Mild and Moderate Hearing Loss Using a Speech-in-Noise Test for Hearing Screening at a Distance

10.30-11.10- A Preliminary Prototype of Smart Healthcare Modular System for Cardiovascular Diseases Remote Monitoring

11.10-11.30- Gender classification using nonstandard ECG signals – A conceptual framework of implementation

11.30-11.50- Designing a soft-actuated smart garment for postural control and fall prevention in elderly women

11.50-12.10- Cultivate Smart and Healthy Ageing

12.10-12.30- Application of KNN for Fall Detection on Qualcomm SoCs

12.30-12.35- Closing Message and Best Paper Announcement