EAI HealthyIoT 2024

11th EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

Location: Danang, Vietnam


EAI HealthyIoT 2024

SmartLife Summit 2024: The AI Era

Connecting researchers, forging futures.


11th EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

We are in the midst of rapid development and an era of use of powerful applications of advanced technologies, leading to the 5th industrial revolution. One of the most prominent features of Industry 5.0 is that it places the well-being of humans at the center of the manufacturing process. Industry 5.0 will be characterized by the cooperation between machines and human beings, aiming to give added value to production, by creating personalized products that meet customers' requirements. In the context of Industry 5.0, Responsible AI, a framework organizations follow to ensure AI technology is used in a transparent, accountable, and ethical way, has attracted various industrial sectors (e.g., Integrated Circuit, Manufacturing, and Healthcare) to realize data-driven innovations for delivering highly customizable products and services faster, cheaper, better, and greener. The EAI AI Summit unites the most forward-thinking researchers, technologists, and business professionals to explore the real-world applications of Trustworthy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Important dates

31 July 2024

Full Paper Submission deadline

31 August 2024

Notification deadline

22 September 2024

Camera-ready deadline

Late Track

5 July 2023

Full Paper Submission deadline

4 August 2023

Notification deadline

30 August 2023

Camera-ready deadline



Special Programme outside HEALTHYIOT conference

Day 1 – Gala Dinner at Parasties Heraklion Restaurant, Crete

Day 2 – Trip to Knossos

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