Preliminary program

Study of Mechanomyographic Alternatives to EMG Sensors for a Low-Cost Open Source Bionic Hand
Milton Macedo

A Machine Learning Method for Screening Children with Patent Ductus Arteriosus using Intelligent Phonocardiography
Arash Ghareh Baghi, Amir Sepehri, Ankica Babic

Comparison of Different Polymeric Materials for Mobile Off-the-Person ECG
Daniel Osorio, Alexandre Pitaes, Nuno Goncalves, Ricardo Freitas, Carlos Ribeiro, Ricardo Sa, Hugo Gamboa, Hugo Silva

Internet-of-Things Based Respiratory Rate Monitoring for Early Detection of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases
Rahul Krishnan Pathinarupothi, Amaia Soublet, Ekanath Srihari Rangan, P. Durga, K. A. Unnikrishna Menon, Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh

Telemonitoring Devices and Systems: Current Status and Future Trends
Pedro Dinis Gaspar, Liliana Tavares Machadeiro, Miguel Castelo-Branco

Security challenges and suggested solutions For e-health information in modern society
Nureni Ayofe Azeez, Charles Van der Vyver

Human-Computer Interaction Monitoring and Analytics Platform – Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Application
Aleksandar Jevremovic, Sladjana Arsic, Milos Antonijevic, Andri Ioannou, Nuno Garcia

Sleep detection using physiological signals from a wearable device
Mahmoud Assaf, Aicha Rizzotti-Kaddouri, Magdalena Punceva

Identification of medical IoT devices APIs through ontology mapping techniques
Argyro Mavrogiorgou, Athanasios Kiourtis, Dimosthenis Kyriazis

An Exergame Integrated with IoT to Support Remote Rehabilitation
Kyle Mulholland, Sari Merilampi