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The 3rd EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

October 18–19, 2016 | Västerås, Sweden

Keynote- Ian J. Craddock

Ian J. Craddock is a Fellow of the IEEE, full Professor at the University of Bristol (UK) and Director of the flagship ”SPHERE” centre ( comprising approximately 100 researchers and clinicians working on IoT technology for health. He has been working in healthcare technology for 15 years and founded a company that is currently completing trials of a CE-marked breast imaging device based on his research. He has published over 150 papers. He serves on the healthcare strategy board for the UK’s largest engineering funder and on the steering board of the University’s Health Research Institute. He is also separately employed by Toshiba as Managing Director of their Telecommunications Research Lab in Bristol, responsible for a portfolio of both internal and collaborative communications, IoT and smart city research."

Digital Health 2026 and Home IoT

Abstract: Building on the speaker's experience in biomedical engineering, the talk will explore why health providers, funders and corporates alike see IoT as a critical element in future health delivery. It will present some of the most likely and compelling application scenarios and examples of world leading research in the field. The talk will conclude by considering the breakthroughs that are needed to turn current IoT technologies into the game-changers for health that society so desperately needs.