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The 3rd EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

October 18–19, 2016 | Västerås, Sweden

Must-visit sights around Västerås


There are many unique sights around Västerås that you really shouldn’t miss, so why not book an extra couple of days while you are here so that you can explore the whole area.


Sala Silvermine

Sala Silvermine is one of the world’s best-preserved mine settings and gives visitors the chance to descend below ground level and explore the dark winding galleries and magnificent chambers that have all been carved out by human hands. But Sala Silvermine is also a unique conference, wedding and party venue offers exciting adventures and fun and games for the entire family, making us one of the largest tourist attractions in Västmanland that is open all year round. So come to Sala Silvermine for the adventure of a lifetime!


Engelsberg Ironworks

Engelsberg Ironworks is the most complete surviving example of traditional ironworks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings and machinery are from the 18th and 19th centuries when production mainly consisted of pig and bar iron. Guided tours are available on a daily basis throughout the summer or for pre-booked groups all year round.


Forest huts in Skinnskatteberg

Kolarbyn is known as Sweden’s most primitive hotel and offers its guests the opportunity to experience the wilderness of the forests, exciting adventures and complete tranquility just a 45-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Västerås. During the season, Kolarbyn offers a range of guided tours and events including wildlife watching and family adventures.

Many people come here to spend a couple of days in one of the forest huts, which are just like any other hostel but much more exciting. There is no electricity or running water and you wake up to birdsong after a night in a sleeping bag. This is undoubtedly a true nature experience for both families and friends.


The Sigurd Carving

The Sigurd Carving close to Sundbyholm’s 17th-century castle on the shores of Lake Mälaren is one of Sweden’s finest ancient monuments, mainly thanks to its remarkable imagery. This almost 100-year-old illustration depicts some well-known episodes from Sigurd Fafnesbane’s saga, which we know from, among other things, the Icelandic collection of Old Norse poems known as Poetic Edda. During the summer, you can travel from Västerås to Sundbyholm by boat.


Strömsholm Palace

The original Strömsholm Palace was built in 1556 by order of Gustav Vasa. The existing palace was completed in 1681 but work on the interiors did not take place until 1767-1775. During the first half of the 19th century, Strömsholm Palace was used as an out-of-town residence and was periodically inhabited by members of the royal family. Between 1868 and 1968, however, the palace was the home of the Swedish Army’s Riding and Driving School. Noteworthy things to see include the impressive well-preserved interiors and an important collection of Swedish paintings, particularly the fine series of horse paintings by Ehrenstrahl. The palace is situated in incredibly beautiful surroundings that are well-worth a visit for that alone.


Strömsholm Canal
The Strömsholm Canal follows the Kolbäcksån River’s water system through Sweden’s oldest industrial setting in a varied and picturesque landscape. The man-made stretches are short, totalling just 12 km but there are 26 locks and a difference in water level of 100 m. Regular boat services are run during the summer months, but if you would prefer to take a stroll or a bike ride, there are some wonderful cycling paths along the canal.


Gripsholm Castle

On the shores of Lake Mälaren, Gripsholm Castle towers over the idyllic small town of Mariefred. Gripsholm is known as Gustav Vasa’s castle as he was the one who founded it in 1537. 400 years of history are contained within these walls so take time to wander slowly through the many rooms and winding passageways. Duke Karl’s 16th-century chamber, Gustav III’s Theatre from the 18th century and the Swedish national collection of portraits are just a few of the highlights. Every year, the Gipsholm Castle Association commissions ”portraits of honour” of prominent Swedes to add to its collection. There is a refulat boat service from Västerås to Mariefred during the summer.


Stockholm – Sweden’s capital

Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, spans across 14 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. Sweden’s capital is a city that is overflowing with attractions, events and activities, whether you are interested in art and culture, history, food, shopping or nature. Most of the attractions can be reached on foot and as you walk around the city you will be constantly surprised by the ever-changing enchanting views of all the water and islands. Some of the most popular attractions are Gamla Stan, The Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral. On the island of Djurgården you will find The Vasa Museum and Skansen Open Air Museum and Zoo.